Finally a surprise from this great domaine: Sandrone

by Eugene Bergen
This is what it is all about in the end: to be positively surprised by finding a wine that has it, the magic. And in this case I am talking about a wine that I have had quite a few times actually but just not from the 2008 vintage. As much as I liked Sandrone's Barolo, Cannubi Boschis, I did not find that vibe justifying its >100 euro price tag. It missed the complexity and sparkle in earlier vintages tasted. But in the 2008 it is there for sure: this truly is a lovely wine. It has, what I believe make the big wines grand: a unique freshness (which culminates in Lafite Rothschild as almost two distinct layers of, on one hand, the grand red wine and on the other hand, a freshness that elevates the wine to something truly ecstatic) in combination with a wide smorgasbord of refined, mostly red, fruit, all beautifully integrated. It is a truly captivating wine, seemingly young, due to its freshness, while really in the drinking window. It is not heavy by any means. What a pleasure. I can only recommend this beauty.

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