About us


Right on time, in 1982 (I thank the heavens for bordeaux 1982), we started collecting. At first the greatest Bordeaux wines, the vast majority en-primeur. Later adding Burgundy, top Rhone, German Rieslings and Pinot Noirs (some of which are my favourites), Italian Barolo's and followed by American and South American grand wines were included. And soon simply way too much to be enjoyed in one lifetime. And even today we continue to collect the greatest vintages and new finds, with a passion. We started selling our wines online at WineIsuppose.com since 2010.

If I may, first and for all: Find out which wines are your taste. for that: Taste a good range of different style, but always high quality wines.

And then, if you can, do not buy numerous bottles of those you like at the beginning, for the simple reason that your taste will likely develop over time, as it is with collecting art. Take white Hermitage as an example; one of those totally addictive wines you may completely dislike at first, to eventually end up as a devoted addict panting for one more glass. We all have our own preference. Even within a region, the wines can likely be very different (think for example about the difference between Chablis from Raveneau, Dauvissat or Fevre).


We have had and still maintain a singular focus on collecting the very best vintages of the very best wines, for the reason wines are just way better, when sun and rain all were there at the right time, in the right amount. At the same time some wines are actually better in less "hefty" vintages, like the famous Rayas wines for example. But too often I often people paying a small fortune for premier Cru's of off vintages: I have some experience and can tell you, often it is an utter waste of money. But, as always, there are clear exceptions: and it is in the exceptions where we can find some of the best values (take Palmer 2004, absolutely stunning).

We won the Winesearcher retail award for best European list, Overall list, French list and Bordeaux list in Utrecht (Netherlands).

For Whom

Allow me to say that, if you do like yourself even just a bit; grant yourself the experience of drinking a truly great wine: you only live once (really). Wine can turn a simple day from great to grand, from ordinary to festive! And let's be honest: life truly is too short to drink bad wines.

Quality & cellar condition

Our wines, mostly purchased en primeur, have been stored in fully conditioned cellars. Some of the top sommeliers who visited our cellars have consistently been surprised about the outstanding condition of the bottles, reflected in excellent ullage. It proves how well old wines can be kept when stored under the best conditions. All our wines have high levels (ullage) and bottles have perfect labels and capsules, unless otherwise stated.

Contact us if you want a full case of a specific wine: wines are not always listed on our website as such (as we try to hold on to quite a number of bottles ourselves, but for a passionate winelover we may be convinced to offer the actual case).


About price

Our pricing policy is such that wines that we rate highest and are rare in our cellar, are priced accordingly, while wines, of which we have larger quantities, are priced very competitively. All prices are "including all taxes", VAT can not be deducted, as all our wines are coming from our private collection.

Last but not least

I truly wish you will experience the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful wine, in great company, to live life at its very best!

| Eugene Bergen Henegouwen
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