Terms and conditions

1. Delivery

We deliver our wines worldwide. All orders will be delivered at cost (of the transporter). You can collect the wines yourself or have your own delivery company pick them up at an agreed time.

2. Payment:

Payment can only be done via regular bank transfer (wire). As soon as the total invoice has been received in full in our bank account, we ship your order. We reserve the right to not hold wines in reserve when payment has not be received in full within 2 weeks after sending the final invoice.

The purchaser has no rights whatsoever concerning products as long as payment has not been received in full in our bank account. All wines remain 100% property of WineIsuppose as long as payment has not been received in full.

The, unlikely, buyer who has not collected the purchased wines within a 6 month time frame after payment, will lose ownership rights to these purchased wines. This to prevent indefinite lockup of wines.

3. Quality Control

Our wines are being stored under the very best conditions possible: in fully climate controlled underground cellars. If a wine turns out to be corked or has a bad condition for whatever reason WineIsuppose at its discretion may decide to replace or compensate for that wine but has no obligation to do so. In view of the very high quality of the provenance and the storage such problems very rarely occur.

4. Force Majeure

WineIsuppose does not accept any responsibility to fulfill its obligations if circumstances are out of reasonable control of WineIsuppose.

5. Jurisdiction

All contracts fall under the Dutch jurisdiction. All wines are being offered under market movement conditions and as long as available.

6. VAT & Duty

All wines are part of our private collection and therefore no VAT or duty can be deducted.