For you, aficionados

I turned into a passionate ‘breathing of wine’ guy for good reason

We spend a serious amount and lots of effort to select and purchase a great wine….. and then, one day, we drink it. And seriously: how often have you experienced the disappointment while we had great expectations.

To be honest, I have had numerous great bottles in that category. Actually way too many to call those "not all are great". But there is good some news: you may want to spend some serious time on the preparing and serving of this great bottle you selected.

The trick is we may want to reconsider how we go about it: we may have the habit to go the wine cellar, pick a promising bottle, go back to the guests (hopefully you do enjoy the pleasure of sharing), we pop it, pour it and drink it.

My experience is that when drinking something truly special, several out of 10 that doesn’t do justice to the wine. And YES: It actually really matters to let it breath. If there is anything that can make a day and night difference it is exactly that. With many great Italian wines the next day they were better. But guys: even with a legendary Champagne Mesnil ’S’ 1996 it was even better the next morning, as in…. ‘stellar’. We had a Chateau Palmer 1970 a few years back and we experienced it at first as an okish wine. The leftover the next morning made me cringe as it turned out to be absolutely delicious…. What had we done… serious: we popped, poured and emptied this nice bottle and marked it as mediocre. Its all about getting to understand what wine needs in terms of breathing……. as important as the loved ones we share them with.

Enjoy, observe, and become a master in serving wine the way it should. Enjoy!