King of kings: La Mission Haut Brion 2000

by Eugene Bergen

Mission Haut Brion 2000

This impressive wine needs time to open up in the glass! For those who are fortunate enough to have this grand wine: make sure you give it substantial time, like 6 hours minimum, before tasting. At first the wine appears closed, almost indifferent, and no giving much, when drinking right after uncorking. At this time at best some formal aristocracy shows through.

However this La Mission Haut Brion turned out to be a knock-out after some 10  hours, with the cork in the bottle. Superrich black and red fruit, impressive and distinctive, complex and broad shouldered, regal, intensel and beautiful flavors, fruit and even prunes, raisins, with the typical Pessac Leognan touch of earthiness in the back end. It is telling we were sad when the bottle had served the last drop..... An immensely beautiful wine of grand richness and stature. Truly royal.

It would benefit from further cellaring but is great already when allowing it to breath.

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