The unsurpassed Vietti Barolo's leaves me with gratitude to this master of Barolo

by Eugene Bergen
Today we are tasting the great Vietti Rocche 2007 next to the Finca Altamira 2005 from Achaval Ferrer.

Starting with the Rocche, medium red, almost Bordeaux like, but much more transparent in color, it displays a youthfulness that announces a wine with personality. The typical Barolo Raspberry scents engulf your sensory taste buds, mixed with underwood: very nice. Its mature bouquet is like enjoying a sweet lazy summer afternoon in an rural garden in a wide valley. To just enjoy this bouquet is good enough already. The first nip flows in your mouth: A wine with personality is entering the gate, deep matured fruit with the sophistictation of man of certain age, strongw willed though, and a bittersweet sensation touches your gums that somehow reminds me of fruit with a core of some flint. The fruit is embedded, packed/inlaid in something bigger, very beautiful, exciting. I love the wines of Vietti. This is quintessence Barolo, so well integrated and rich at the same time; one don't often find.

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